It is with passion which we try to reflect the beauty and the heat of a place. The patience of the founder, the choices of the decorator, the know-how of the craftsmen deserves the attention of the photographer who must not sink in the facility : the eye of the photographer must be detached from the one of common of the visitors. A research of rare angles, lights and details are an obligation for that which will seek with magnifier a place according to his role : calm and luxury for a hotel, environment and comfort for a restaurant, user-friendliness and originality for a guesthouse… Then, with the patience we have to, we will as well as possible estimate your request in order to add with the beauty of your universe, in order to celebrate your product as it deserves it.

After a few years spent in fashion advertising world in Paris, assistantship or governed for known photographers, as Dominique Issermann, Uwe Ommer, Patrick Robin or Dominique Derichebourg, for productions of pictures for magazines, advertising campaigns or catalogues, we propose to the creators and to fashion-writers our know-how and our sensitivity for shootings to Morocco. Our good knowledge of the town of Marrakech, our excellent relationships to the majority of the most tempting places of the city, will make us your test privileged at the time of your campaigns with the country of the most beautiful light of the world, so much for locations, controls or the shootings themselves…

The beauty of a place, the effectiveness and softness of a product must be reflected in the image.

A reception hall, a hammam, a swimming pool immediately will be celebrated if the transposition is done through a selected figuration. A room increasingly more convivial if it’s be habited than naked. A larger tiny hammam with a big girl inside. If you are short with ideas to dissociate you, consult us !!

It is within an associative framework and this, lasting of many years that we traversed Parisian spaces of musical creations, theatral and shows. In front of our objectives many artists and groups out of grass passed, who in addition have for much between them known notoriety. The love of photography at the time of such events must propose the heart of universe of the authors. And the photographer should not hesitate to leave the paths beaten to create in only one click an image able to replace all the speech and critical.

After having passed during its long Parisian stay a few hundreds hours on plates of movies or pub, MMM Agency proposes in Morocco or others its services, its passion, its know-how and its discretion.